Senior NAKU officials qualify

Rudi Bowe

More than 25 Namibian Karateka and Instructors from various Karate organisations in Namibia attended a Referee Training Course hosted by the Namibia Karate Union (NAKU) ahead of the 2019 AUSC Region 5 Karate Championships at the Dome in Swakopmund.

The course covered all aspects of WKF Kata and Kumite refereeing and consisted of both theoretical and practical components. The course was conducted by the Chief Referee of the Namibia Karate Union, Wikus Oberholzer who is currently one of the highest ranked World Karate Federation (WKF) referees in Namibia, holding his UFAK Rank B Qualifications in both Kata and Kumite
The chairman of the World Karate Federation (WKF) Referee Commission Javier Escalante who was a guest of NAKU at the championships also presented the 2019 Region 5 Referee and Coaches Examinations and was in charge of the action of the tournament.
The head of the WKF Referee Commission Mr Escalante said, “I hope this will help raise the standard of WKF Karate Unions around the world as we move towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2020”.
The individuals who passed the course were able to judge and referee at the Region 5 Karate Championships
The Namibia Karate Union would like to congratulate the following senior Namibian karate officials that qualified;
Theresa Swart – Kata Zone Judge A & Kumite Zone Judge A
Stephan De Jager – Kata Zone Judge B &Kumite Zone Judge B
Yolande De Beer – Kata Zone Judge B
Nichole Sibeso – Kata Zone Judge B &Kumite Zone Judge B
Burtie Wurst – Kata and Kumite Zone Coach
Bonnie Kabuzo – Kumite Zone Coach
Jurgen Van Wyk – Kumite Zone Coach
Stefan Van Der Merwe – Kumite Zone Coach

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