Sentrum Corporate League

Rudi Bowe

Gold nights, Great people and Good vibes were the key ingredients of the Sentrum Corporate Lawn Bowls Summer League hosted by the Namib Park Bowling Club in Walvis Bay.
The 2018 Corporate Lawn Bowling Summer League which started in August and ended September this year has drawn competitors from 22 corporate teams in Walvis Bay.
The owner of Sentrum Pharmacy Hendrik Van Schalkwyk said that he is very happy to be associated with the Lawn Bowling Summer League and that since he started two years ago the league just getting better and that Sentrum will be on board next year with another sponsor for the Corporate Lawn Bowls Summer League.
The Best Team Spirit award was won by Sparta with Namib Times won the award for the Best Dressed Team, Tunacor won the Best Bar Supporters award and the award for the first entry went to Bachmus Oil.
The Shield section winners
1. Magic
2. Stres Stingels
3. 41ER-BEES
4. Wiki Wakis
Wooden Spoon; Styles & Smiles
Jockey Award; Magic (They lost in the first round 4-26 against Stres Stingels)
Plate section;
1. Namib Times
2. FaNtastic 5
3. Flying Coffee Pot
4. Tunacor
Wooden Spoon; Dipogenic
G-String Award; Dipogenic (They lost 2-25 against Sentrum 1)

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