Serial rapist lurking in Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay residents are appalled at the news of a series of rape cases being investigated which involves five minor girls allegedly sexually assaulted by a resident of the town in a flat in the period June 2016 to June 2017. The outrage is amplified by the limited information available of the alleged suspect, who is known only by a first name “Mr. Alex”.
This unspeakable revelation was made by the parents of one of the minor girls, after they seemingly grew suspicious of the girls’ unaccounted whereabouts during some days over the time period in question. They investigated and made this appalling discovery.
When the truth came to light, the distressed parents immediately reported the matter to the police and laid charges on Friday. It is alleged the suspect, only known to the girls as ‘Mr Alex’, would pick them up in Kuisebmond on several occasions and take them to an apartment where he would then have sex with them and perform various sexual acts with them.
It is not yet clear whether there were rewards such as money or other material things to motivate the girls to concede to the sexual intercourse.
The girls, three of whom are 16-years-old and two being 15-years-old, are pupils ranging from Gr. 6 to Gr. 9; though two are currently not enrolled in school. The matter has been confirmed by Detective Inspector Daniel Gurirab of the Namibia Police Force, who expressed the severity of the situation.
“The victims have named a man known to them only as Mr Alex, making it difficult to identify the suspect, but we are following up on leads and information given by the girls. We are hard at work with the investigation to bring the culprit behind this truly upsetting matter to justice,” Gurirab commented.

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