Sewage overflowing remains a problem in Swakopmund

Sharlien Tjambari

Sewage pipe blockages and over flooding remains a huge problem and challenge in Swakopmund especially in suburbs such as Jabulani and Mondesa. This past weekend houses on Rakotoka Street in Jabulani were flooded with stinky sewage water.
The Van Neel family residing on house number 673 contacted the namib times and informed the newspaper that they are tired with the Swakopmund Municipality because the flood re-occurs frequently, and all the municipality does is help them pump the water from the front yard. “We have been experiencing this very same problem for years now and nothing constructive is done to permanently resolve this issue. Last year the water damaged my mother’s washing machine and the municipality had to buy her a new one. What is irritating is that the sewage water comes with unbearable human waste”, said the daughter who requested not to be mentioned.
Mrs Van Neel, a pensioner who is the owner of the house, said the sewage water floods her front yard, laundry room and in most cases when the flood comes into her house she is alone and has no help. “The flooding started early on Saturday morning and when I called the municipality, the officials told me it is a weekend.
“After many calls they showed up on Sunday afternoon and the way they were cleaning and pumping the sewage water was also not proper. When I asked they said we should be glad that they are doing us this favour”, said Van Neel.
The sewerage water comes from the main drain pipe on that street which is near the Van Neel family house and every time it overflows the water runs into their house causing damage to property.
In a previous inter-view with the Swakopmund Municipality, they revealed that blockages are mainly caused by foreign objects which are either flushed down the toilets or dropped into man-holes or rodding eyes. The spokesperson of the Municipality Ailie Gebhardt said: “to find a permanent solution will remain a challenge as long as sewer systems are misused and used as trashcans.
Residents are hereby requested to not dis-pose solid waste in the sewer system but rather use the skip containers or refuse bin then the problem of blocked sewer lines will cease”. Attempts to get a comment from the Swakopmund Municipality on this issue failed.
In her statement during the previous council meeting the Mayor of Swakopmund Pauline Nashilundo said residents should take note that the Engineering Services department – Sewerage Section, are working on the water pipes that burst underground, which is the reason why the water flow is very slow in various areas in Swakopmund. “We hereby request the residents to please adhere to the road and warning signs and exercise patience during this period”.

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