SFC 1 settle for fourth place

Rudi Bowe

SFC 1 settles for fourth place at the Bank Windhoek opening Fistball tournament held at the SFC sport field in Swakopmund.

In Group A, the hosts SFC failed to win a match and finished last behind SKW 2 and with reigning league champions CFC 1 marching through easily. Newcomers FC Farmer secured the 2nd place while CFC 3 finished the group stage on rank 3 through victories against SKW 2 and SFC 2.
In group B SKW 1 won the group, but the path was a bit rocky as the game against CFC 2 could only be won with 2 points. CFC 2 defeated their club mates CFC 4 and SFC 2. Only against CFC 4 did SFC 2 clinch a victory and finish 3rd ahead of CFC 4.
In the second round, CFC 2 clearly defeated CFC 3, while SFC 1 lost to FC Farmer.
In the first semi-final of the B-category, CFC 3 was able to prevail against CFC 4 and in the second semi-final SKW 2 advanced to the final after a victory against SFC 1. CFC 1, however, defeated a strong playing CFC 2 and FC Farmer lost to SKW 1. Thus, once again the yellow-blue Cohen side stood in the A-category final against SKW 1.
CFC 2 ended up in 3rd place in the A category in a very exciting game. In the last second, the deci-sive point fell against FC Farmer. SFC 1 had to settle for the fourth place in the B category while CFC 4 was content with the third place after win-ning against the hosts.
The B-category final between Cohen 3 and SKW 2 turned out to be a very interesting match with many rallies and spectacular actions. In the end, the blue and whites snatched the title win with 3 points ahead.
The A-category final was no longer according to time but best out of 5 sets. SKW 1 had the better start into the game and initially benefited from the inherent mistakes of Cohen. At the score of 6:3 for the Green-Whites, CFC 1 began to perform and equalized to 8:8. Cohen 1 finished the set 11-8 in their favour.
In sets 2 and 3 Cohen 1 left the the already weak staffed team of SKW 1 little chance, so that the game was won 3-0 by CFC 1. Thus, CFC 1 current-ly holds all trophies, including the individual awards.
After his outstanding performance, defender Thilo Wilckensfrom CFC 1 was named player of the day. The first Bank Windhoek league round will be held on 16 March at SKW. In the meantime, the national squad prepares for the World Cup held in Winterthur.

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