SFC 2 secures Category B title

The second team of the Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC) last Saturday secured Category B’s title at the Bank Windhoek Fistball National Cup Championships at the SFC.

In group A CFC 1, SFC 2, SFC Social and SKW 2 played against each other. CFC 1 prevailed against their 3 opponents without any problems and qualified for the semi-finals of the A category. They were followed by SKW 2, which took second place in the group by winning against hosts SFC 2 and SFC Social. SFC 2 and SFC Social landed in third place and fourth place, respectively.
In Group B SKW 1, SFC 1, CFC 2 and DTS battled it out. The green whites from the capital city claimed 1st place without losing a match. SFC 1 won against the guests from Windhoek CFC 2 and DTS and thus finished second in the group. CFC 2 and DTS took Places 3 and 4, respectively.
In the 2 semi-finals of the B category, CFC 2 fought against SFC Social and SFC 2 played against DTS. CFC 2 and SFC 2 dominated their opponents and with ease made it to the final of the B category.
In the semi-finals of the A category, CFC 1 and SFC 1 faced each other while the second semi-final was played between the two SKW teams. As expected, CFC 1 and SKW 1 qualified for the final. In the B-category final, the team Swakopmund had the upper hand from the kick-off onwards.
In the second half did the Cohen team come close to equalizing, so that it developed into an exciting game. Ultimately, SFC 2 won with a 3-point lead due to consistent attacks and few mistakes, hence deservedly crowned themselves the B-category winner.
In the final of the A category, the SKW selection first chose the worse side and played against the wind and the sun. Nevertheless, the green and whites dominated of the start of game. Coupled with mistakes made by the defending champion CFC 1, a 3-point lead was achieved. After that, the yellow and blue got into the game better and at the end of the first half turned the match in their favour with a 3-point lead. In the second half the encounter developed into one of a high-quality and the spectators were blessed with intense rallies. CFC 1 gained a 5-point lead and was able to keep SKW 1 at a distance. At the final whistle, CFC 1 had a 6-point lead and won the National cup for the third time in a row.
Two games between the U12 and the U14 of the SFC were played with the U12 team the winner of both games. Clear talent and understanding of the game could be recognized in some youth players and this stirs up hope for Fistball in Namibia.
Bernhard Schurz from CFC 1 was named player of the day. The opening tournament will take place on February 13, 2021 in Swakopmund.

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