SFC Business League 2019

The SFC Squash Club hosted the prestigious annual Business League during March and April 2019.

The four teams displayed exceptional skills in their quest to secure bragging rights as champions for the next twelve months. It was perhaps one of the closest contested encounters with the four teams that battled it out for the top spot until the last round of play.
The SFC Squash Club was exceptionally fortunate to secure the same sponsors as in 2018 with Visions Consulting, WB Hardware, Kesla Kitchens and KABT Holdings. This fact gave the competition a special competitive flavor whereby Kesla Kitchens needed to defend their title. WB Hardware came second in 2018, followed by Visions Consul-ting in the third place and KABT Holdings in fourth place.
Matches were played best out of five games; point a rally to 11 per game. However, the final rounds of matches on 26 April 2019 were based on doubles matches.
This year saw an upset where KABT Holdings, that received the “woo-den spoon” in 2018, outwitted their competitors to secure the championship title in 2019. WB Hardware retained their second place spot, Kesla Kitchens came in third while Visions Consulting received the “wooden spoon” in 2019. What made the win of KABT Holdings even more special was the fact that it was the only team with the majority of female players (3 out of 5 players).
The team members were ranked according to strength to compete against the equally ranked players of the other teams with the ranking as follows:
KABT Holdings

  1. Devon Savage, 2. Michelo Olivier and Werner van Riet, 3. Judith Savage, 4. Tina Rutters
  2. Sonja Hopkins
    Visions Consulting
  3. Rudi Koekemoer, 2 Conrad Wagner, 3 Lientjie Koekemoer, 4 Christy Bornman, 5 Wilco Rugheimer
    WB Hardware
  4. Arno Kok, 2 Danie Jansen, 3 Christiane Beulker, 4 Tessa Roussouw, 5 Gunner Keil
    Kesla Kitchens
  5. Wynand Labuschagne, 2 Danie Nel, 3 Charne Fourie, 4 Sarel Labuschagne, 5 Sumari Jens
    A special word of thanks is extended to the sponsors: Danie Jansen of WB Hardware, Sarel Labuschagne of Kesla Kitchens and Jacques Steenkamp of KABT Holdings and Rudi Koekemoer of Visions Con-sulting for their invaluable support.
    The final results following the fiercely contested SFC Business League 2019 are as follows:
  6. KABT Holdings: 36 Points (Champions 2019)
  7. WB Hardware: 32 Points
  8. Kesla Kitchens: 31 Points
  9. Visions Consulting: 27 Points

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