Shock at the suicide of owner of pleasure flights


Sharlien Tjambari

The coast’s aviation and tourism fraternities were left in shock on Sunday morning of the news of the apparent suicide of the owner of Pleasure Flights in Swakopmund, Mr. Erwin Goebel (51).

Goebels‘ spouse, left the couple’s common home in the town’s Leutwein Street on 27 July, due to alleged domestic violence. Two days later, on Thursday 29 July, Mr. Goebels sent her a text message, informing her of where he placed his house key.

On Sunday morning a police officer arrived at the Goebelsresidence in Leutwein Street to serve upon Mr. Goebels an interim protection order. The officer phoned Goebels on his cell phone, but the number was diverted to his estranged wife’s phone.

When the officer spoke to her, and informed her Goebels is not answering the door, she became worried. She contacted her lawyer and handed her spare key to him. Upon the arrival at Goebelshome, they unlocked the gate and found his body nearby. Mr. Goebels died of a single gunshot wound to the head. A rifle licensed under his name was found next to the body.

Photo: The late Mr. Erwin Goebel, the owner of the tourism aviation services company, Pleasure flights.  Mr Goebel’s death and the circumstances surrounding it, sent a shockwave through the coastal communities.

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