Shock over arrest of Corporate Services Manager, Andre Plaatjie

Cover-up of Evidence:

Floris Steenkamp

Not suspended at time of going to press……

“He is still at the office. The matter is dealt with internally”.
These were the words by which Swakopmund municipal spokesperson Ailie Gebhard yesterday described the employment status of Andre Plaatjie in the wake of his arrest and first appearance in court on charges of corruption.

Personnel at the Swakopmund municipality is in shock and disbelief over the arrest by the Anti-Corruption Commission on Thursday of Mr Andre Plaatjie (49), the local authority’s Manager: Corporate Services.

The arrest follows on an alleged cover-up of evidence in a vehicle accident, to protect Plaatjie who is alleged to have driven under the influence of alcohol and then caused a vehicle accident. A member of the public, identified as Epenetus Tertuis du Toit (43), and a former municipal traffic officer at the Swakopmund municipality, Precious Kasika, are also in trouble along with Plaatjie.
Both Plaatjie and du Toit made a first appearance before a magistrate on Thurs-day and were granted bail of N$3 000. They face charges of corruptly using office or position for gratification, conspiracy to commit an act of corruption and obstructing the course of justice. Kasika was at Katima Mulilo at the time of the arrest of Plaatjie and du Toit. Kasika would have been arrested over the weekend, brought before a magistrate at Katima and then transferred in custody to Swakopmund to face justice.
In a statement the Anti-Corruption Commission explained on the night of 25 June 2016 a BMW driven by Plaatjie collided with a vehicle occupied by a certain Becker family.
The accident occurred shortly before 23:00 in Daniel Kamho Street.
It is alleged traffic officer Kasika arrived at the scene, but as opposed to what her duties prescribe paid little attention to the Beckers’ and in-stead removed Plaatjie and an unidentified female from the scene in her patrol vehicle.
Officer Kasika allegedly took Plaatjie to the traffic offices where a breathalyser test confirmed he was over the legal alcohol limit to drive a vehicle. Instead of recording the data as evidence and arrest Plaatjie, a breathalyser test was taken from Epenetus Tertius du Toit who also arrived at the traffic offices shortly after Kasika and Plaatjie.
Du Toit’s reading was zero and that reading was then captured as evidence under Plaatjie’s identity.
“Due to the seriousness of the case, the two suspects Mr André Plaatjie and Mr Du Toit was arrested by the Investigating Officer Mr Kativa and formally detained and charged 30 January and further detained at Swakopmund Police Station. The two suspects did appear before Swakopmund Magistrate court on 31 January. While Mrs Kasika is yet to be arrested, charged in Katima Mulilo and to appear at Katima Mulilo district court before the matter will be transferred to Swakopmund Regional Court”, reads an extract from the report the ACC sent to the media.

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