Sitzer new Junior Mayor

Rudi Bowe 

Jasmine Sitzer from Duneside High School was elected as the new Junior Mayor of Walvis Bay. Inês Martins from International School of Walvis Bay as her deputy and the Head Prefect of The Dolphin Schools, Nadine Willemse, as the junior Chief Executive Officer.

The Junior Council is not ceremonial leaders, but community activists who contributes to the development of their com-munity and are structured to help mold children into great leaders.
The three determined ladies was sworn in with 32 other new members of the Junior Town Council members that are drawn from various schools within the boundaries of Walvis Bay and will serve for a period of one year.
Deputy Mayor of Walvis Bay Saara Mutondoka reminded the junior councillors to ad-here to the principles and rules set out in the code of conduct.
“Acknowledge the responsibilities of the position you serve in and strive toward implementing it with integrity.
Mutondoka said, “Junior council members are expected to act responsibly at all times and not to engage in any activity that might bring the name of the junior town council and the Walvis Bay town council into disrepute.”
“It is my hope that you will use this opportunity to become excellent ambassadors for your schools and that you will serve your community with dedication and pride,” Mutondoka said.

The rest of the junior executive council members are: Killian Beukes (Deputy CEO), Andreas Gabriel (Public Relations officer), Shaiden Solomon (Deputy Public Relations Officer), MC Marshall Tsowaseb (Human Resources), Nikita Fransman (Deputy Human Re-sources), Sunsunet van Blerk (Treasurer), Jenni-Lee Beukes (Secretary) and Hiliya Nuukula (Deputy Secretary). These junior members are Claudia Shivute, Georgia Coomber, Mia van Wyk, Bianca Amakali, Muyenga Katjapire and Rebbeka Haukongo.
The junior councillors that were sworn in are Liam Allen, Ronaldo dos Santos, Lydia Gururas, Sinclair Halupe, NelaoHangula, Kurtley Jacobs, Josephine Lifumbela, Leon Liyebelo, ElShakai Mugaebe, Emilia Ngeno, Sonia Nghilunanye, Taimi Nghuutoola, Julian Pick, Jazzman Pieters, Dominikus Placidus, Mary Vries, Michaela Yala and El-Zanna Zaahl.

Jasmine Sitzer said in her acceptance speech she is honoured and privileged to have been elected as junior mayor of Walvis Bay.
Sitzer said, “My goal is not just too only empower and Uplift the youth but also to empower councilors to come out of their comfort zones and invest in the platform they are given.”
“You see, I believe that life is not measured by the amounts of breaths we take, it is moments like this that take our breath away, I will use all the breaths I take to take your breath away,” Sitzer said.
The new Junior Mayor said when she first heard that she is to be the next junior mayor, “I was exhilarated, and a few hours later, reality struck and I asked myself how am I going to pull this off, then I remembered that I have an amazing team of councillors.”

The new Junior Chief Executive Officer Nadine Willemse said she believes that this impressive group of councillors is and will be the best that Walvis Bay has ever encountered.
Willemse said, “My goal is not just to empower and uplift the youth, but also to empower councillors to come out of their comfort zones and invest in the platform they are given.”
According to Willemse the year will be a busy one as they planed the following; A talent show, a Superhero and Disney Day project where councillors dress up as Superheroes’ or Disney characters to visit orphanages to entertain children, embarking on an education campaign, are some of the projects the new junior council is planning. Other projects include a debate and spelling bee, clean ups, fun walks, run or cycle events and a movie night.
The outgoing Junior Mayor Kristine Shetuyenga said serving on council has helped her and the councillors grow mentally and prepared them for their next journey.
Shetuyenga said, “We interacted more with the youth than we initially anticipated.
This was due to the challenges brought on by Covid-19 and our commitment to make sure that we serve the youth.”
She shared with the new councillors the journey won’t be easy and that they should remember, it is not about the title but about the people you serve.
“The youth of Walvis Bay is counting on you. Let you be the change we desire to see and the voice of the voiceless,” Shetuyenga said.

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