Six weeks online course in Gigonomics

The Namibia Business School (NBS) of the University of Namibia introduced an online course in Gigonomics. Gigonomics is a relatively new term and describes a developing trend where careers are broken up into a series of short-term, independent contracts (“gigs”).

The dynamics of employment is changing from permanent, long term work contracts and is in many instances replaced by short-term or independent work contracts that last from a few hours, to a few weeks or months.
Gigs is associated with freelance work, and that in itself is a challenging economic discipline for the gig entrepreneur.
The NBS developed and introduced its Gigonomics course with the Namibian gig-entrepreneur in mind. The course introduces the student to the dynamics of Gigonomics, the benefits associated with Gigonomics, the challenges and the pitfalls.
Gigs by nature is not only confined to non-permanent work contracts. Often people with fixed employment contracts take on business ventures on the side-line.
These opportunities can be very challenging and littered with pitfalls. The course aims to empower and equip Namibians for the world of Gigonomics.
NBS views Gigonomics as a key to grow entrepreneurship in Namibia. It empowers people to do more with what they have and to earn their place in the Namibian economy to the full.
The pattern and dynamics of employment have changed significantly globally. Namibia is no exception and the pattern of employment is rapidly changing. Both the salaried employee and the entrepreneur has to adapt.
The conventional scenario of attending school, attending university, graduate, get a steady job, and retiring is not a reality for people anymore. The labour market has changed. Short term contracts, freelancing, and even unemployment is becoming more common practise in the job market. Gigonomics equips and inspires the entrepreneur to perform better in this changing world.
The Gigonomics course is for everyone, even people residing outside Namibia. The course is presented every Saturday at 09:00 via Zoom. The duration is six weeks, and each session is 90 minutes in duration. A study guide is issued to each student in advance.
The price is N$199 per session if paid per session. The complete programme (six sessions) is offered at N$950 for once off payers. All payments can be done online.
A team of lecturers will be presenting the course. Contact Daisy Silva at +264814591105 or send an email to or go on the website or visit the NBS Facebook profile.
Each student receives a certificate of completion upon completing all six sessions.

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