Six women trained as Boxing officials

Rudi Bowe

Six women at the coast were trained as Boxing officials in the first boxing judges’ course conducted by the Erongo Boxing Federation last week Saturday at the Namib Boxing Academy in Walvis Bay.

The six women was part of 20 participants from Walvis Bay and Swakopmund that attend the judging course.
According to the Secretary General of the Erongo Boxing Federation Bernard Kamatoto the course was conducted, because the Erongo Region has no judges.
Kamatoto said “I am overwhelmed by the amount of participants that attended the course as this will allow as to have frequent boxing competitions in the region.”
“I am really happy as all the officials responded well and learned skills that will really advance boxing in the region” Kamatoto said.
Kamatoto added that all the new judges will receive refresher courses every 3 months.
Kamatoto thanked the owner of the Namib Boxing Academy Philip Müller for his support and sponsorship.
Bernard Tjaverua from the Bernardo Boxing Promotion in Kuisebmond said “It was an eye opener to lot of us especially the coaches as we sometimes turn to judges saying our boxer have been roped.”
“We want to see such training for coaches” Tjaverua added.
The new boxing judges in the Erongo region are André Borchert, Karen West,
Chris-Louis de Klerk, Johannes Grobler, Angelique Muller, Bernard Tjaverua, Monique Damon, Philip Müller, Delano Müller, Lesley !Hoaëb, Zane Mouton, Ryan Slinger, Naomi Erasmus, Saalty Salatiel, Hirukevi Muhipa, Tobias Benjamin, Theo Johannes, Jose Kambinda, Vaino Shainingo and Johannes Matheus.

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