Skinned, beheaded seal dumped on beach

A most odd and at the same time sick discovery was made yesterday morning on the beach just north of the new Waterfront development “Platz am Meer” in Swakopmund.
A local resident stumbled across a dead Cape Fur Seal which was wrapped in two plastic bags and was even tied up with a piece of cable.
After opening the bag it was established that the seal had been skinned, beheaded and even had it’s flippers removed. Tracks around the plastic bag indicate that the seal might have been dumped there, while other residents speculated that it washed out. The exact origin of this strange discovery is not known.
namib times phoned numerous experts in this field and not one person had ever heard or seen of such a thing happening before. It is unlikely that it was dumped from a fishing vessel, as the person/people responsible made the effort to wrap and tie up the carcass. The carcass was first wrapped in a black plastic bag, while another one covered the rest. A tag on the one bag had an address linked to Cape Town. “This is really strange,” one resident commented to namib times, while another described it as “sick.”

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