Smash and grabbers caught red-handed

The police have issued a stern warning to taxi drivers assisting criminals. Specifically supporting criminals who target tourists on the B2 coastal road between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund as well as at Dune 7. This comes after three suspects were arrested red-handed after targeting a stationery tourist vehicle on the B2.

Tourists and visitors unfamiliar with local conditions often park their vehicles close to the B2 and go for long walks to take pictures. It is then when criminals strike, as the victims are too far from their vehicles and must helplessly look on as their valuables are stolen.
“You face arrest,” threatened Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, after Friday’s police success. The three suspects were caught red-handed after they smashed the window of rented vehicle in the vicinity of Langstrand and attempted to steal items worth N$1 500-00. Timoteus Alweendo (29), Mateus Kaunamukweni (33) and Stefanus Iita (33) appeared in court yesterday in connection with the incident.
The incident occurred on Friday at about 14:30. Two tourists from Germany parked their rented Toyota double-cab a short distance from B2 main road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and walked to the dunes. “While the victims were on top of a dune a white Toyota Corolla taxi (N23669WB) with three occupants parked next to the victim’s car”, Iikuyu explained.
The suspects smashed the back window of the double-cab and grabbed two small bags containing torch batteries, a knife, sun-cream and toiletries. “They slashed one tire of the victim’s car with a sharp object”, Iikuyu explained.
While the culprits were still on scene members of the satellite police station serving the Langstrand and Eco Village area caught the culprits red-handed. All stolen items were recovered. “The taxi was impounded,” Iikuyu continued.
The suspects were charged with theft out of a motor vehicle.
“I am warning taxi drivers and those committing crimes, especially against tourists between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay as well as at Dune 7, to refrain from doing so or face arrest. The whole area is under police surveillance,” he said. Iikuyu called on members of the public travelling between the two towns to report any suspicious activities in the area.

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