Sobriety Campaign to run until January 2018

The Namibian Police’s Traffic Law Enforcement Division plans to extend the Sobriety Road Safety Campaign to January 2018. The Campaign aims to target 500 000 drivers with alcohol breathalyzer tests, in order to take drunken drivers off our country’s roads. Speedsters and reckless drivers will also be targeted with a zero-tolerance approach.

The target of 500 000 drivers mean many people will be targeted several times in the months to come, as the Campaign is countrywide and non-stop. All findings during the campaign will be carefully noted, in order to create a database of possible problem areas that can be tackled to bring Namibia’s high road death toll to an end.
During this campaign too, all drivers involved in road accidents will be screened and all vehicles will be tested for roadworthiness.
The campaign is aimed at changing Namibian’s attitude towards road safety. Despite reading or hearing of road deaths almost daily, many Namibians still remain ignorant and makes themselves guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, dangerous overtaking, overloading, unroadworthy vehicles, driving without safety belts and speaking or texting on cell phones whilst driving.

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