“Softhearted” Russian tells of his sex escapades with underage girls

Alexander Krylov testified during a bail hearing in the Walvis Bay magistrates court this week that the sexual encounters were consensual and he paid the girls N$100 each for sex, also that he had no idea that the girls were underaged as their bodies were ‘well developed’.
Krylov, also known to his victims as Mr Alex was arrested recently on charges of rape and kidnapping when his sexual encounters with underaged girls in the harbour town came to light.
According to Krylov, he met his co-accused, Anna Katrina Engelbrecht, in March of this year when she contacted him about a woman in need of money. The woman was willing to exchange sex for money.
“I went to pick them up in town. We were having sex and then accused 2 (Engelbrecht) also joined.
After we finished, I gave both N$100 and dropped them in town. After a week, the lady called me again to have sex for money. She said she was in town and asked if I can fetch her and another lady. Afterwards, we had sex and I gave both N$100 again,” Krylov stated.
Before the first encounter Krylov allegedly asked the girl how old she is and she claimed to be 17-years-old. Krylov added that he only became aware of the girls being underage when the matter was published in the newspapers for the first time. Krylov told the court that after reading about his alleged sexual offenses in the media, he was contacted by one of the girls who made an attempt at extorting money from him.
“The one time there were four ladies, I told them I only have N$200 and if someone wants they can decide who. All four decided to have sex for the N$200.
When people called me after the first publication, they told me some of the girls are known as minor prostitutes. All these ladies have well developed bodies, they didn’t look at all like their age. None of them looked like they never had sex before, they had experience. I never forced anyone, or had to teach them, they knew what to do,” Krylov added, claiming that he has a soft heart and never hurt or forced any of the girls.

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