Solo kayaker passes through Walvis Bay

Piquet Jacobs

While enroute from Cape Town to Brazil on a surfski, adventurer and professional yachtsman Richard Kohler (52), was forced to change course and dock in Walvis Bay on Monday, 3 January 2022. Once back on track, Kohler will be the first person to paddle the 7000 km journey alone.

Kohler left Cape Town on Friday, 14 December 2021, in a well-equipped surf-ski to embark on his solo voyage which aims at raising money in aid of Operation Smile Charity. Seven days into his trip, Richard had to make the decision to change course and travel to Walvis Bay due to a solar battery failure, which left him without his watermaker, a device used to make drinking water from seawater through reverse osmosis.
The surfski Richard is travelling in, is eight meters long and less than one meter wide, leaving little room for even your standard carry-on.
For this reason, his boat is equipped with the most sophisticated gear including satellite Wi-Fi and a personal locating system.
Kohler has been in training for this excursion for almost 20 years, setting multiple impressive records including the first 38-hour non-stop kayak paddle from Breede River in South Africa in the Indian Ocean in August 2020.

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