Some of our first advertisers still in existence…..

The first edition of the Namib Times saw three full page advertisements by the Hollandse Aanneming Maatskappy S.W.A. (Edms.) Bpk. (H.A.M. S.W.A.); The Metal Box Company of South Africa as well as Sea Products S.W.A. Limited with its subsidiaries Oceana Fishing Company; Lurie’s Canning Factory, African Canning Company and Lüderitz Bay Cannery.

Our other advertisers were all generous taking half page advertisements, quarter pages. Sam Cohen Limited’s Walvis Bay Branch and Rembrandts Mens’ and Boys Clothing took the much sought after front page advertisements in our first edition.
We can proudly state that many of our very first advertising clients’ businesses are still in existence today: these are: ABC Pharmacy in Walvis Bay; A. Kornblum & Company (Pty.) Ltd of Swakopmund; Metje & Ziegler; Swakopmunder Buchhandlung; Atlantic Hotel; Woermann Brock & Company; Grobbies Walvisbaai; Walvisbaai Pharmacy; Trip Travel; M. Pupkewitz & Sons; Pelican Cooldrinks and Café Restaurant Willi Probst.
Can you still remember these businesses? These were our other first edition advertisers: G. Bofelli Tailor and Outfitters; Goedkoop Winkel S.W.A.; Ovenstone Group; South West Air Transport; Photo Allers; Cooper Wolmarans & Co; National Fur-nishers; Walvis Bay Turf Accountant; Mann, George & Company; A. Blatt Shoe Store; West Coast Fishing Industries; Gift Shop Walvis Bay; J.C. Harries and Company; United Finance Corporation; Flamingo Furnishers; New Western Fishing Industries Limited; Industrial Engineers; Car Sales Walvis Bay; Photo Holler; O. Alfheim General; Sturrock & Woker; Domi Metaal Industrie; Music and Gift Centre; Poly Press; Siegried Meyer Swakopmund; Field Service Engineers; Pop’s Amusement Arcade; Damara Bottle Store; Maischatz & Son; Ernst Baumgart, Martin Asch Bottle Store Swakopmund, Van Riebeeck Bottle Store Walvis Bay and The United Shipping Company.

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