Son beats father to overall spot

Rudi Bowe

Hydraulics team, Allan and Zachary Martin, participated in the second round of the Namibian Circuit Racing Championship this weekend.

Both father and son confidently took on the elements and were ready for whatever the day had in store for them. Race one was a race for the books. Allan had a brilliant battle with his son Zachary before using the power of his GTi Golf, pulled away from Zachary and crossed the line. He came first overall, and Zachary took second overall and first in his class.
In the second race, Allan once again showed great sportsmanship while battling the young Zachary. They kept the crowds pleased with a fantastic show.
In the final lap, the tables turned against Allan when the gearbox of his Golf broke and saw the youngster fly past him for a well-deserved win. Zachary won first over-all for the day and first in his class. Allan walked away first in his class with some valuable points bagged for the champions.
The annual Easter Drags will be held on 20 April in Walvis Bay.

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