South African cannot stay out of trouble with the law

A South African man who is in custody for attempted murder, housebreaking and contravening Namibia’ immigration laws is in renewed trouble and also almost caused the death on Tuesday of an innocent member of the public.
Lenard Pelley was on the run during April after he severely assaulted a Walvis Bay resident, broke into a residence to steal.

He and a female companion was arrested after a manhunt of several days at the Oshikango border post.
Pelley was brought to Walvis Bay under police guard to answer on the criminal charges against him.
During his court appearance in the Walvis Bay magistrate’s court on Tuesday he requested to be taken to a nearby ATM in Sam Nujoma Avenue to withdraw money.
A police officer accompanied him. Pelley was not handcuffed.
As they approached the ATM, Pelley started to run.
The officer gave chase, drew his service pistol and fired a shot.
Pelley was missed and instead a member of the public was wounded in the left upper arm.
Pelley now faces an additional charge of escaping from lawful custody and an internal investigation has been launched by the Namibian Police into the conduct and actions by the police officer.

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