South African commits suicide at Nonidas

A 55 year old South African man committed suicide Monday evening close to Nonidas on the outskirts of Swakopmund by gassing himself in his car.

The body of Neville William Duvenhage was found on Tuesday morning at about 06:00, said Regional Crime Co-ordinator, Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa.
According to Kashuupulwa the deceased left a suicide note at his girlfriend’s place in Swakopmund, which suggests no foul play was involved. “He left a bunch of flowers and a note, saying that he loves her,” she said. Duvenhage then proceeded to Nonidas, where he was residing and “went to sleep in his car.” But instead he connected a pipe to the exhaust of the Mazda bakkie and placed the other end through the vehicle’s window into the passenger compartment. He closed all windows and left the car idling, allowing monoxide gas to fill the vehicle and kill him. Kashuupulwa further said that Duvenhage came to Namibia in March this year to visit his son, who is staying in Walvis Bay. The police are still investigating the tragic incident.

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