Sparta holds bragging rights at the coast

Sparta Hockey club got off to a flying start at the opening games of the Bank Windhoek Indoor Hockey League that was played at the Dome in Swakopmund.

Sparta’s first and second teams recorded comprehensive victories over their opponents at the coast when the league got underway. The Sparta ladies played two games – won one and lost one.
The second round of the league was played in Windhoek where Sparta again recorded comprehensive victories.
Results of the first round in Swakopmund;
Second league Men
Sparta2 9-0 X Team
X Team1 1-4 X Team 2
Coastal Raiders2 6-2 X Team2
Sparta2 13-0 Team2
Coastal Raiders2 4-0 X Team2
First league Men
Coastal Raiders 6-6 X Team
Sparta 6-1 Coastal Raiders
First league Ladies
Sparta 5-2 Coastal Raiders

Sparta 3-5 X-Team 3-5
Results of the second round in Windhoek;
Second league Men
Sparta 2 5-3 Wan-derers
Sparta 2 13-3 DTS
Sparta 2 2-6 WOBSC
X Team 1 0-1 Wanderers
X Team 1 3-0 DTS
X Team 2 4-0 Wanderers
X Team 2 1-1 DTS
First league Ladies
Sparta 4-1 United
Sparta 3-1 Wanderers
X Team 1 2-2 Wanderers
X Team 1 6-3 United
X Team 2 0-8 WOBSC
X Team 1 2-2 DTS
First league Men
Sparta 3-1 WOBSC
Sparta 8-0 DTS
X Team 2-2 Wanderers
X Team 5-1 DTS

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