Speed and failure to adhere to road sign cause of this accident

Lunch hour traffic was obstructed on Friday in Walvis Bay’s 6th street, after two vehicles were involved in a collision on the 12th Road juncture. A combination of speed and a driver failing to adhere to the stop sign where 12th Road connects with 6th Street resulted in this accident.

The one vehicle, a taxi, was flipped over. The taxi turned into 6th Street from 12th Road, but allegedly did so failing to stop first. It placed the vehicle in the path of an oncoming pick-up resulting in a rear-end collision.
The taxi was occupied by the driver and one passenger. Both were evacuated by the ambulance. The driver of the pick-up sustained no injuries.

∙ In other accidents a truck overturned in the Longbeach vicinity and had to be lifted upright by crane.
On Saturday morning a light sedan overturned just south of the Aphrodite turn off and yesterday a black landcruiser allegedly caused another light sedan vehicle to overturn at the turn off to Aphrodite beach. The driver was injured and taken to hospital.

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