Spitzkoppe Run and Mountain Bike Challenge 2019

The Rock Spitzkoppe Community Run and Mountain Bike Challenge, a highlight on the local sporting calendar, will take place on Saturday, 14 September 2019 at Spitzkoppe in the Erongo Region.

Entries are open and an estimated 500 entries are expected this year. Entries are limited due to the constraints presented by the remote venue and the desert environment, so athletes are encouraged to enter soon to avoid disappointment.
The Rock is a unique event, as it takes place within the domain and with the blessing and support of the local Spitzkoppe Community, represented by the ≠Gaingu Conservancy and the !Oe-≠Gan Traditional Authority.
In contrast to many other sporting events of this nature, the focus for The Rock is not on profit, but on sustainable development for the local community through sport.
The main headline sponsors for the event for this year are Orano Mining Namibia and RMB Namibia who came on board this year for the first time. Other event partners include the community and the Spitzkoppe Community Campsite.
INFORMATION: Namibian Adventure Organizers/namibianadventureorganisers@gmail.com

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