“Strandwolf” spotted in Kramersdorf

A rare sight indeed: Swakopmund resident Ockert Botha spotted an adult brown hyena, colloquially known as the strandwolf, over the past weekend in the suburb Kramersdorf while he was on his way home. The animal was spotted at the eastern end of Anton Lubowski Street.

“It was about 21:30 while I was on my way home. I saw the animal and it initially ran off, but then sat down close to a wall,” Botha said to namib times. Although brown hyenas are very shy animals by nature, they are on occasion spotted by residents in that area.
About a month ago a brown hyena was found dead on the Swakopmund bridge on the road towards Walvis Bay. The animal was most likely hit by a car. The brown hyena IS listed as “near threatened” according to the IUCN 3.1.

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