Stray bullet hits sleeping woman

A 32-year-old woman was transferred to the Katutura State Hospital on Sunday, 4 June, after she was struck by a stray bullet. The bullet was fired from a bar and passed through her shack. The incident was in the early hours of the morning.

The victim and her boyfriend were asleep in their ghetto behind Okatope Bar in Kuisebmond when she was struck by the bullet in her lower right arm. She was rushed to the Walvis Bay State Hospital and thereafter transferred to Windhoek for further medical treatment. During the investigation a cartridge was found in the bar area, but no arrests were made. On Wednesday, 7 June, police received a tip-off that the suspect linked to the incident was trying to flee to the north. The tip lead to the arrest of the 31 year old suspect at Oshivelo roadblock. The firearm used was later found in Walvis Bay. The suspect appeared in the Walvis Bay magistrate court yesterday.

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