Suspect nabbed for possible cattle theft

A suspect has been charged with possession of suspected stolen stock / produce after being caught offloading 2 cattle carcasses without a permit.

The suspect had been travelling from Otjiwarongo and was busy offloading the carcasses in Johanna Benson street in Kuisebmond when members of the community found it suspicious and contacted the police. Upon arrival, the suspect could not provide the needed paperwork for transporting the cattle, as well as a satisfactory account for the carcasses. The eartags of the cattle were also already removed and the skin of the cattle had apparently been sold in Otjiwarongo. The suspect was then taken into custody and the carcasses were confiscated. The suspect appeared in court on Monday and was released on bail of N$5 000. If anyone has information on who the owner could be, they are asked to contact the police.

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