Suspected pollution a natural

Harbour1Visitors to the Walvis Bay Waterfront informed namib times yesterday about a substance, looking a lot like oil, which covered an area stretching from the harbour, past the Waterfront, and drifting in the direction of the lagoon.

Some residents were of the opinion that the layer of sediment was caused by a dredger of the China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) which was operating towards the southern end of the harbour, and nearby the fence bordering the Waterfront, on Sunday.

The matter was referred to Mr Pinehas N Auene, the Deputy Director: Marine Pollution Control and SAR, Directorate of Maritime Affairs in the Ministry of Works and Transport.

He thanked us for the report. He commented, “It appears to be a product of an Algal Bloom which is a natural phenomenon. It does not appear inorganic to me. I’m sending a colleague to go and investigate while copying in Namport and the Walvis Bay Municipality, as custodians of the Walvis Bay wetland. I will advise accordingly.”

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