Suspected rapist, who is out on bail, strikes again

A 19 year-old Swakopmund resident, who is currently out on bail on a charge of rape, struck once again over the weekend and raped another victim. This time he raped his neighbour, said Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa, regional crime investigations co-ordinator for Erongo, to namib times yesterday.

According to Kashuupulwa the suspect broke into the house of his neighbour in the Swakopmund suburb Mondesa at about midnight on Friday. “He broke into the house with the sole intent of rape,” she said. The suspect did not steal anything. “He cut the board, entered the house, raped the victim and left,” she said. The victim is a 20 year-old woman. After the case was reported the suspect was arrested.
Kashhupulwa continued saying that the suspect was out on bail on another rape case stemming from last year. He remains in custody and is facing a charge of rape as well as a charge of house breaking.

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