SWAITEX reports a decline in number of exhibitors

Sharlien Tjambari


The Swakopmund International Trade Expo 2018 (SWAITEX) opened its doors to the public this Wednesday with a decline of about 10% registered stall compared to last year. The expo will end tomorrow (Saturday).

During the official opening ceremony, the Chairperson of the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Swakopmund Branch Paul Ndjambula said SWAITEX was created in 2013 with the main aim of creating a platform for SME’s and the business community to showcase their products and services. Commenting on the economic situation of the country, Ndjambula further said: “We are all aware of the economic situation of our country and only if we join hands will we improve our economy and the only way our economy can improve is if investors feel comfortable in our region and if our environment is conducive, only then will they invest”.

Ndjambula applauded the government support through the Office of the Governor and the Mayor’s Office, as well as the exhibitors. He said exhibitors need to stand out and re-double their efforts and work. “Last year we had a total of 157 exhibitors but this year the number dropped to 135 exhibitors, this is about 30% decline which is not good”.

The Chief Executive Officer of Erongo Red Fessor Mbango said: “In the midst of current economic outlook, NCCI continues to assist local business with information on how to market their product, access funding, grow their business and create opportunities for link-ages”.

Mbango further said that financial institutions recently indicated that there has been some improvement in some sectors of our economy, nevertheless, “we are still not completely out of the woods. Therefore, the 6th SWAITEX Trade Fair under the theme ‘Growing Local Economy through Inter-national Trade’ is appropriate at this time”.

According to him, international trade is crucial for advancing local economic growth because of the benefits it brings such as job creation, variety of products, investment opportunities, innovation and efficient way of doing things. “Therefore, local businesses should seize the opportunity at this exhibition not only to showcase their pro-duct and services but to find ways on how to access international markets”.

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