Swakopmund Boxing Gym “Training like a World Champion”

Rudi Bowe

Swakopmund Boxing Gym: A flow of fresh air in Namibian boxing …André Borchert living the dream.

André Borchert a certified fitness trainer, B-license and a certified personal trainer, recently opened the doors of a Boxing Gym in the coastal town of Swakopmund, where the reception from boxers, trainers and the general public has been overwhelming.
Borchert described the gym as “Old School Boxing and Training like Rocky” onto the local scene as an imperative turning point in the way boxing is managed. The Gym is open for men and women across all age groups with different goals for fitness, professional boxing and personal training.
Borchert said, “I want to work with everyone and anyone who has boxing development at heart. Therefore, my motto for normal trainees is: “Training with fun, motivation and results” and the motto for professionals: “Only with sweat and hard training that goes beyond your limits, you can become a world champion ‘Training like a World Champion.’”
According to Borchert, “Boxing is a comprehensive full-body workout, otherwise you can’t call up the needed performances in the ring.”
Borchert explains, Fitness boxing is good for women and men who want to be physically fit, for the everyday life. This workout is also very suitable to burn a lot of calories and lose weight. In fitness boxing, the participants also learn boxing, but this is not so much about the technical accuracy of the punches and the hardness of the punches, what you would need in a competition to be able to really beat someone in the fight with a knockout.
Callanetics slim, healthy and beautiful one hour training approximately 45 exercises without weights full body workout power and endurance for the whole day at work private stretching! Deep muscle training! Strengthening tightening of your bud, Legs, Arms, Middle spin, Core, Pain solving, Tension, Blockages and physically fit up to an old age.
Borchert trained for 4 years with a boxing world champion Christian Pawlack from Germany who is the Reigning World Super Middleweight Champion (WBU), Intercontinental Champion of the Boxing Federation (WBCA and GBA) and German Super Middleweight Champion (BDB).
On what inspired him to set up his own gym, in 2019, on holiday in Swakopmund for 4 weeks, he already had the impression, that in the field of boxing there is nothing much There. “I got so many confirmations by so many people here in Swakopmund who told me when I open a boxing club that they would join. That’s when I put my dream into practice. It wasn’t easy to get so many new punching bags and equipment in such a short time. After all, there is no used equipment here, as it is in Germany.”
Boxing is a big Hobby here in Namibia and if you have sponsors it would help the boxing club grow bigger and faster.
The newly established Swakopmund Boxing Gym is situated at the corner Bohrstrasse and Einstein-strasse in the coastal town with different time slots from 09:00 until 10:00 and 15:30 to 19:00 on Mon and Wed and 17:00 to 20:00 on Tues and Fridays will only be on appointment.

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