Swakopmund budget down by N$36,3 million

True to its word, the Swakopmund Town Council has made the formalization of DRC and the availing of affordable serviced land its main focus for the new financial year. During the last Town Council Meeting on Tuesday evening Erkkie Shitana, Chairperson of the Management Committee, tabled a Capital Budget to the tune of N$88.6 million.
Currently the Swakopmund Town Council has very limited financial resources available. This fact that is evident when considering the huge difference of the Capital Budget for the new financial year 2016/17 compared to the previous years. The new Capital Budget, which was approved by Council on Tuesday evening, is less N$36.3 million compared to the financial year 2015/16, where it stood at N$124.9 million. “I am convinced that the anticipated property sale transactions will generate sufficient revenue and this, together with current available funds, will place our Council in a more favourable position to finance the projects anticipated for the 2016/17 financial year,” Shitana said during.
While the main aim of Council is the formalisation of DRC, the financing of this development will be done by Central Government. As Shitana explained Council has already received funds for this purpose, but he did not mention any figures. He stated that Council will receive further funding in the coming two financial years which is meant for the installation of services in the informal settlement. “All relevant tenders were awarded for installation of services relating to Streets, Sewerage and Water,” he said.
Of the total amount of N$88.6 million, N$48 million will be utilised for the continuation of projects, while the remainder, N$40.5 million, is earmarked for new projects. A big chunk of the anticipated Capital expenses will be utilised for the improvement of sewerage related services as well as the necessary infrastructure, which is why a total amount of N$14 million was allocated for this purpose. An amount of N$14.1 million was also allocated for “public buildings.” According to Shitana it is Council’s intention to utilize a part of this amount for the completion of the Multi-Purpose centre in Mondesa. “It is anticipated that the centre will be completed towards middle of June 2017 and the remaining provisions are to maintain all other public buildings belonging to Council,” he said.
Another priority for Council is the provision of efficient service delivery regarding water related services. Council has for this reason allocated N$12 million for water infrastructure projects, which includes the planning phase for a new water reservoir at the smallholdings.
As usual another big chunk of the budget has been allocated for the ongoing surfacing of streets in town. A total amount of N$10.9 million has been allocated for this purpose. “It should be noted that the Streets to be resurfaced will be prioritised by Council,” Shitana noted. Another sore point for Council, which the new Council has made its priority, is the replacement of sewerage block system in Mondesa and Tamariskia. “The general welfare of Swakopmund residents living in close vicinity where this (regular sewerage blockages) frequently occurs is of a concern to Council and therefore our Council has planned and is busy relocating the entire midblock sewerage system,” Shitana said. An amount of N$9.7 million was allocated for this purpose.
For the surveying and future planning of affordable erven an amount of N$8.6 million was reserved. This provision, Shitana said, will be allocated towards future planning of serviced land for further development of the town.
Other priorities of Council reflecting in the budget include the improvement of the current service delivery of refuse removal (N$6.8 million) and the development of business and market malls (N$7.2 million).
At the same time Shitana tabled an Operational Budget to the tune of N$144.4 million, reflecting a deficit of N$1.4 million. “With the necessary budgetary and financial control measures in pace, I am convinced that the deficit will be transformed into a surplus through savings and additional revenue come 30 June,” he said.

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