Swakopmund Council chucks capital projects aside and prioritizes land servicing

Sharlien Tjambari

Earlier this year the Capital Budget of Swakopmund was tabled and money was set aside for different projects which was planned for the development of the town, but council have recently identified a need for servicing land and will sacrifice some projects to make way for land delivery.

One of council’s agenda point from the previous council meeting indicate that management committee recently had deliberations where they identified a need for serviced land for the low-cost housing project, to be funded by the council. It was further proposed that the capital projects as approved, should be assessed and prioritised in order to identify projects that can be sacrificed, and those savings be earmarked for the serviced land for the low-cost housing initiative to commence also in 2018/19 financial year.
The following projects will be sacrificed: N$100 000 which was for the Breakwater and Jetty Assessment, N$700 000 which was set aside for the Vineta North Sport Stadium, N$500 000 for the construction of the boundary wall at the Tamariskia cemetery, N$500 000 which was for the construction of the changing rooms at Tamariskia cemetery, N$500 000 for extensions of walkways from the waterfront to Vrede Rede street and N$2 500 000 for the relocation of traffic section to the Fire Station.
The General Manager of Engineering Services is expected to submit a cost estimate for the installation of the services for Portion 61, 62 and 63.

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