Swakopmund Council to provide 30 000 erven

The Town Council of Swakopmund has set itself the ambitious goal of providing 30 000 erven within the next ten years. This target forms part of the strategic action plan, which was decided upon after the Management of Council held a workshop to formulate Council’s priorities in February this year.

The provision of land to the residents of Swakopmund is a top priority. This is evident in the 5-year and 10-year plan of Town Council, which was approved at the recent meeting. The plan was compiled at the end of March this year and it was recommended that both plans form a basis of Council’s Capital Budget.
In total the 5-year plan includes eleven priority areas, with land provision taking the top spot. The main focus of council lies in the planning of 5 000 erven per year and a providing 1 000 erven to the residents per year. As part of this goal council also intends to develop other accompanying facilities, including educational institutions, sport facilities, cemeteries, SME markets, clinic facilities and recreational facilities being parks and green areas.
As part of the 5-year plan council also wants to construct another water reservoir. Namib times understands that the current capacity of the reservoirs supplying the town can only supply water for 48 hours, should the supply be interrupted. Another goal of this plan includes the surfacing of various roads, the development of municipal satellite offices (pay points) in other parts of town and the replacement of the so-called mid-block services, which are a headache in some parts of Swakopmund.
Furthermore Council intends to develop a fire station in DRC/Matutura in the next five years, setup more public toilets, regulate shebeen hubs more vigorously, create more water points in DRC and create a sustainable city.
In the 10-year plan the provision of land also forms a top priority. In total Council intends to provide 30 000 erven of the course of ten years and create and plan a number of erven. Other targets include the provision of land for retirement centres, the regulation of private public transport services, alternative energy supply solutions, the construction of a new public hall in Matutura and last to increase the safety and security in town. For the latter Town Council is contemplating the idea of creating its own City Police, but this approach might be hampered by financial implications.
To reach all these ambitious targets Council needs the necessary financial backing. According to the Agenda Council has at this point an amount of N$50 million invested in a bank account. “However it is anticipated that the sale of various land transactions will be envisaged during the next financial year to bolster the financial position of Council,” it states in the Agenda. In total these transactions, should they all materialise, will bring in an estimated revenue of N$53 million.

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