Swakopmund councillors get a second term in office

Sharlien Tjambari

The election of Office Bearers for the Swakopmund Town Council for 2022 saw Councillor Louisa Kativa being re-elected to run as Mayor of Swakopmund for another term. Councillor David Am-!Gabeb will again be serving as the Deputy Mayor.

In her speech, Kativa said the responsibility given to her is a difficult task that depends largely on how well the councillors collectively manage the mandate the community has given them in making their lives better, in terms of service delivery.
Kativa said: “During the current financial year, the office will continue to establish a degree of excellence and focus on meeting the needs of the residents and visitors in every manner we can. Together with honourable Councillors we will align ourselves with the vision of promoting future development that will benefit the Swakopmund community in economic development, human and community development issues that promote transformation and social unity, housing, infrastructure, and basic services, health and safety, financial sustainability, and corporate governance services”.
While addressing fellow councillors, Kativa said they should remember that the objective is to care, serve and make the people feel the sense of belonging to the municipality.
“Ours is a people centered leadership. We have a 5-year contract with the people; thus, the people must come first in everything we do”, she stressed.
The rest of Swakopmund Municipality’s councillors were re-instated- Cllr. Wilfried Groenewald will be serving as the Chairperson of the Management Committee, Cllr. Claus-Werner Golodbeck is the Alternative Member of the Management Committee, Cllr. Blassius Goraseb is a member of the Management Committee, Cllr. Mathias Henrichsen is a member of the Management Committee, Cllr. Petrus Shimhanda is a member of the Management Committee, Cllr. Suama Kautondokwa is a member of the Management Committee, Cllr.Erkkie Shitana is a member of council and Heinrich Hafeni Nghipaya is a member of council. The election was presided by Magistrate Conchita Olivier.

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