Swakopmund mostly “crime-free” this week – but don’t let your guard down

Crime prevention in Swakopmund is paying off. Since the beginning of this week Swakopmund has been “very quiet” in terms of crime related incidents. Usually petty crimes and house break-ins, robbery and theft are reported during this time of the year – but this year is different.
The low crime rate so far is good news for the community and visitors of Swakopmund. Residents can sleep peacefully at night and enjoy their holiday without any disturbance from passerby’s. However, be advised to stay prepared and vigilant, as criminals work on the element of surprise and are constantly looking for people letting their guard down. Ensure everything stays locked, activate alarm systems, be on the lookout for suspicious people or vehicles and don’t invite burglars by leaving windows open, leave valuables like fishing rods outside, leave garages open or leave valuables open for everyone to see in the vehicle.
Namib Times spoke to various officials from Nampol, who confirmed that there have not been any major criminal activities reported in Swakopmund this festive season, but said they remain on alert and urge the public to give their cooperation to make the holiday safe for everyone. This also includes refrain from drinking and driving, general irresponsible behaviour behind the steering wheel and domestic violence or neglect of vulnerable people like children and the aged.
Swakopmund and other coastal towns are expected to experience an influx of people as from today and it is expected to last into the first week of January where after people return home to be ready for the school year that starts on 10 January 2018.

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