Swakopmund municipality to monitor air pollution

The Swakopmund municipality monitors air pollution caused by industries and business in town closely of late, doing so by enforcing Ordinance 11 of 1976 (Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Ordinance). Council in its most recent meeting confirmed it would in future closely monitor air pollution levels caused the various industries.
The item was discussed at the council meeting after the matter was discussed at the Planning Forum early in March.
“Given the propensity lately for development/establishment of industries which produce or emit gases and/or airborne particles which may pollute the air, such as sandblasting, pyrolysis, lime processing, etc., it is considered prudent to have the Ordinance promulgated to be applicable to the town lands of the Local Authority of Swakopmund,” it reads.
The Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Ordinance 11 of 1976 is a regulatory legal device to provide for the prevention of the pollution of the atmosphere, and for matters incidental thereto.
Subsequent to the above it was decided to submit the ordinance to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to be promulgated in the Government Gazette as applicable to the municipal area of Swakopmund. It was also decided that the said ordinance be binding to the municipal area.
“Though this may be considered as the only area within which the Local Authority may impose its control, one should consider that operations/processes outside the area, such as open pit mining especially uranium mining, may result in air pollution, which may impact the municipal area,” it states. These areas will, however, be subjected to environmental clearance applications, which will allow the municipality as an affected party to respond applicably.

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