Swakopmund Municipality to restore the DRC Fire Station

The Swakopmund Municipality, during the recent council meeting approved a request for the upgrading of the DRC Fire Brigade Station. The DRC Fire Station which was constructed in 2003 now has an operating toilet, DSTV Dish installed and one bedroom.

This request follows the implementation of a 24/7 shift system on 1 September last year, which enables the Fire Brigade Units to operate on a 24/7 basis in order to improve service delivery and to decrease the reaction time when a fire incident occurs in DRC. Fire fighters are now expected to do daily rounds especially around fire prone areas with the intention to quickly respond to emergency calls.
All fire fighters were allegedly informed accordingly and agreed to work as per the new system whereby two fire fighters will sleep at the DRC Fire Station on rotating basis. Unfortunately, the building does not make provision for male and female rooms separately hence the request for upgrading. Currently, there is only one bedroom so only two males or two females are allowed to sleep there respectively.
For some time now, the building was dilapidated, the drainage system was not in accordance with Standard Building Regulations (no vent pipes), the roof slope was not adequate, and the ceiling was dilapidated, in May this year the Swakopmund Municipality fixed those problems. Currently the building has no boundary walls and need two more bedrooms for male and female.

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