Swakopmund municipality’s solution is to pour sand over the flooded mess

The owner of house number 637 Ochs Street in Tamariskia in Swakomund, Mr Johny Gamatham, says he is desperate for a solution over sewage and rain water which have been frequently flooding his premises from street level. “I have been complaining about the issue to the Swakopmund Municipality but to no avail, I called and even wrote letters but nothing was done” he said on Friday after contacting the namib times out of sheer helplessness as he feel his problem is not viewed as urgent enough for action.
A speed hump constructed in Ochs Street near his home seems to be the thorn in the flesh that channels flood water, be that rain or sewerage water overflowing from the sewer system, into his premises.
He also believes this is an imminent health hazard and a danger to his little children, who are always tempted to play in the dirty water.
According to the owner of the house the problem started in 2011 when the speed hump was constructed. Since, he reported the problem to the municipality.
“They only responded now after years of moaning and complaining, this time they came to pour dry sand in the yard to cover the water, but the smell from the water is still very bad” said the home owner to namib times.
To follow up on the issue namib times contacted the Swakopmund Municipality but did not get any answers to the questions, the spokesperson of the Swakopmund Municipality, Aillie Gebhardt, said the home owner should send a letter to the Chief Executive Officer to lay his complaint and further investigations will be done. Gebhardt felt this is a matter between the local authority and the home owner and not for the media.

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