Swakopmund one step closer to install CCTV cameras

The Police Public Relations Committee (PPRC) will soon organise public meetings to sensitise the community on the proposal of installing CCTV cameras at selected positions around Swakopmund. This was decided at the recent Council meeting after recognising the increase in the crime rate in town.
To realise the goal of installing CCTV cameras in Swakopmund, with the aim to enhance the security in town, the PPRC intends to levy a contribution of N$10 per person from ratepayers. The public meetings will be held to gain support of this initiative.
The item was discussed at the recent Town Council meeting.
The PPRC consists of members of the community from various business sectors as well as police officers and municipal officials. The areas chosen for CCTV monitoring include various areas in the Swakopmund CBD, the town entrance, Mondesa, Woermann Brock Supermarket, Tamariskia and other key areas.
The start-up price tag of the camera system envisaged for the start-up of the project is N$429 000 for 63 cameras.
The footage taken by CCTV is admissible as evidence in a court.
During the recent Town Council meeting it was decided once the various public meetings regarding the project are concluded, Council will determine its degree of involvement in the project.
The main considerations are cost, who is to carry the cost, installation, operations and monitoring as well as maintenance and repairs. Council hopes to recover the cost from levy of N$10 suggested. Council will also consider the feasibility of establishing a Control Room at the Phillipus Namalemo Fire Station.
“The purpose of the submission (regarding the cameras) is for Council to part-take in this campaign to have CCTV cameras installed within the boundaries of Swakopmund, to combat the increasing crime rate in Swakopmund”, it states in the Agenda of the meeting.

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