Swakopmund over expenditure skyrockets

The over expenditure of the Swakopmund Municipality for the 2015/2016 financial year currently amounts to more than N$1.9 million. Additionally more than N$6.2 million, which was not budgeted for, was needed to pay for the bulk water supply. These figures were revealed during the recent Town Council meeting.

One reason for the exorbitant amount for water purchases was mainly attributed by increased volumes of water supply to the town. As if that was not enough: The national water utility NamWater increased its prices twice during the financial year.
The remaining over expenditures amounted to a total of N$1.9 million. The largest over expenditure occurred in the department/section “Traffic,” where an amount totalling N$450 516.72 was overspent. The bulk of this was due to overtime payments, where an additional amount of N$306 255.54 was required.
In the section “Parks & Gardens” the total budgeted amount was overspent by N$447 984.45. The department “Public Buildings” required an additional N$362 427.91, while the department “Human Resources” overspent an amount totalling N$208 837.32.
At its recent meeting Town Council approved the over expenditures amounting to N$1.9 million. Additionally Council approved the additional funds amounting to N$6.2 million for bulk water purchases. The item was discussed at the Council meeting as the General Manager: Finance is busy finalising the financial statements for the 2015/ 2016 financial year for external audit purposes.

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