Swakopmund planning ahead

Aims to be Namibia’s first smart City

Estelle de Bruyn

A long term future plan for the development of Swakopmund will be finalised by July 2020. This comes after the city council commissioned a private firm of town planners to assist council in coming up with the best outcomes for local residents and businesses for the future.

The town planners consulted local stake-holders as well as national stake holders like the Roads Authority and TransNamib on their expectations.
In the draft report already submitted to council, the future utilization of land and the principles of integrated development are spelled out.
“We don’t want to go the same route as other ci-ties where most essential services are based in the centre of the city. This leads to congestion.
“While recognising Swakopmund’s history, we want to establish develop centres through-out the city,” Swakopmund Chief Executive Officer, Archie Benjamin, told Namib Times.
He gave the example of a break-in at Mile 4, with the central police station kilometres away, while for crimes in the DRC-township, the closest police station is in Mondesa.
“We want each neighbourhood to contain all the necessary services, thus bringing the services closer to the people.
“Swakopmund is also best placed to create Namibia’s first smart city. In this regard we want to improve the road system as well as telecommunication,” he added.
As part of the strategic plan a five year implementation tool was developed.

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