Swakopmund police station commander retired

The station commander of the Swakopmund Police Station, Chief Inspector Moses Aebeb has retired. Chief Inspector Aebeb yesterday drew the office door closed behind him for the last time.

Aebeb served the Namibian Police for 32 years.
However, if crime thought it is the end of Chief Inspector Aebeb’s presence then it has to think twice. Aebeb on Tuesday night during a meeting with crime prevention clusters said he went into early retirement, but hinted that some or other time in the future he would again become involved in the fight against crime.
“I just need to rest for the time being. It is actually an early retirement; I could still work until I am sixty years old, but I decided to take earlier rest”.
Aebeb thanked the various anti-crime structures, his colleagues in the Namibian Police, the Swakopmund Neighbourhood Watch and the Police Reservists for the support they have given him throughout the years.
The new man at the helm of the Swakopmund Police Station is Inspector Ruben Shapumba who reported for duty this morning.
Shapumba headed the Walvis Bay Police Station for several years and has proven his worth as law enforcer over and over.
Inspector Shapumba called upon the various anti-crime structures to give him the same support given to his predecessor. He said he has big shoes to fill, but said he looks forward to work with everyone and will carry forward the mandate of the Namibian Police.
“We all know the damage criminals cause to our communities, and in particular to our economy. We need to work together to make sure that we clamp down on crime.
To clamp down on crime, it is vital we identify criminals’ modus operandi. We have to know their networks and their market. That knowledge is needed to design our crime prevention strategies”, he explained.
Adding the best crime prevention strategy is to

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