Swakopmund Pool Club collected gold medals and a trophy at Rundu this past weekend

This past weekend the Swakopmund Pool Club went to play in Rundu against Rundu Pool Club. The Swakopmund Pool Club beat Rundu with 17/15 points in their own backyard. Georgie Witbooi, a Swakopmund player was the player of the tournament after defeating Phillipus, also from the Swakopmund Pool Club in the play-offs.

Swakopmund Pool Club won the two first sets 5/3, draw the third set with 4/4 and lost the fourth sets by 5/3 which gave the win to Swakopmund Pool Club at 17/15. “This was a well deserve win from the team from the Coast seeing that Rundu Pool Club was the winning champions in the past and were an undefeated team until this past Saturday’s clash and due to long distances between towns the team have to travel and we are asking for companies and the community for their humble assistance in any kind of form and we thank everyone that made this past weekend trip a reality” said Jurgen the Team Captain of Swakopmund Pool Club.
The Swakopmund Pool Club will also be hosting their annual Pool Christmas Cup which is scheduled to take place on 167 December and pool teams from all over the the country can enter a team of four players with a maximum of two subs.

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