Swakopmund resident electrocuted by power generator

A 28-year-old man died in Mondesa’s Matutura location on Sunday after being electrocuted by a power generator. Timotheus Liepke reportedly connected electrical wires from the power generator to a battery without an invertor as go-between.

The invertor would have reduced the power flow to the battery, but in the absence of the device Liepke was electrocuted by the power generator’s high output in ampere (amps).
The incident took place at the deceased’s residence. The next of kin of the deceased were informed. The body was taken to Walvis Bay police mortuary for post-mortem examination to confirm the cause of death.
∙The Namibian Police’s regional media liaison office confirmed the incident and reminded the public of the dangers of working with electricity supply equipment or wiring if not properly trained or informed of the dangers of such devices. Although a power generator seems like a simple piece of household electricity supply equipment, it remains potentially fatal and even a fire hazard in the event of touching live wires or performing incorrect electricity connections.

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