Swakopmund retains its clean image

Sharlien Tjambari

The 2nd National Clean Up campaign launched in April this year by the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, took place last Saturday, 21 September. The residents of Swakopmund did their part. The main event was hosted at Rundu, in the Kavango East region.

The main goal of the National Clean Up Campaign is to cultivate a society where all citizens take action to stop littering and shift towards best practice methods of waste management including the reduce, re-use and re-cycling of waste.
According to the Marketing and Communications Officer Ailie Gebhardt of the Swakopmund Municipality, a total of 17 groups registered with the municipality and were working at various locations across Swakopmund.
“Most groups, like schools, health officials from the Ministry of Health were allocated to clean their surroundings. A bigger group was sent to the area behind DRC and Matutura where most plastic bags and dirt was”. Groups such as the Junior Councillors, the Oruuano Protestant Church, Bitz and Pizza, Omkhaisen Group, Sunshine Group and various others.

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