Swakopmund Secondary School Spelling Bee Finals

Swakopmund Secondary School (SSS) held their Spelling Bee Finals on Thursday, 6 June in their School Hall. Mrs Sophie Kaune, an English teacher at the school was the event’s co-coordinator. This is her second year at the school, and she initiated the event. “It’s a great way for learners to build their vocabulary, improve their writing and avoid spelling errors” she attests.

Spelling Bee Competitions allow learners to have an open world of unlimited words at their disposal without the struggle of repeating simple words or wasting time on words they are unsure of.
Parents, learners and teachers cheered on the spellers as they took on the platform to be one of the best spellers of the school.
After a few elimination rounds, there were four learners standing:
The Overall Best Speller Award – Juwel Basson a Grade 8
The Senior Best Speller Award – Johanna Johannes, a Grade 10 learner.
Senior Best Speller Award- David Haim-bodi, a Grade 12 learner, took the. took
Junior Best Speller Award – Kakunan-dunda Uariua
Prizes for the winners included gold and silver medals, cash vouchers, dictionaries and exam stationery. The medals and a trophy for the overall winner were donated by Mr Ntoni, a Maths teacher at the school.
The cash vouchers were sponsored by all the judges including Mrs Tjomuinjo, a History teacher who sponsored one cash voucher to one of the winners.
Mrs Kaune, Ms Mathias, Ms Malakia, Ms Nghipandulwa, and Ms Kashongo made the judging panel and are all English teachers at the school under the supervision of Mrs Hamukwaya, their HOD. The school Principal was the main speaker and told the contestants that they were a special kind of group because not everyone is courageous enough to stand in front of an audience to perform or compete. He encouraged them to give it their all and to never be disheartened if they don’t win.

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