Swakopmund to keep watchful eye on building industry – all have to register

All qualifying local builders and construction enterprises within the Swakopmund municipal jurisdiction are to be registered to ensure that they comply with building standards as well as health and safety regulations. This decision was taken by Town Council at the recent meeting.

According to the Agenda of the recent Council meeting the reason for this new development is explained with a lack of compliance. “Local builders and construction enterprises have been observed disregarding health and safety regulations at their operations unabated,” it states. This concern is worsened due to the “lack of co-ordination and law enforcement by the Swakopmund Municipal Council.”
It also states that these companies are left unregulated and “thus prone to disregard construction safety regulations, whereas they perform a critical function within the urban development sector.” It is important that measures be put in place to register them in order to ensure that the following aspects are given the prominence they deserve.
With the registration of these businesses in the municipal jurisdiction, it is Council’s aim to create a platform for regular meetings and information sharing that will ultimately lead to compliance with building standards and requirements. Furthermore it is the intention to create a database that allows for issues of concern to be addressed.
Council approved the registration of qualifying local builders and construction enterprises subjected to the determination of the minimum requirements. Council also decided to train staff in the monitoring and enforcement of the Health and Safety Regulations. To properly enforce the law, health inspectors, building inspectors and projects management staff are to be empowered to legally enforce the requirements of the Health and Safety regulations, Town Planning Scheme and buildings regulations by suitable appointments of “Peace Officers” under the Criminal Procedures Act.

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