Swakopmund to register all Taxis

In an attempt to curb crime and reduce illegal activities in Swakopmund, Town Council has decided to mark all Taxis and equip them with a number – similarly to the system already in place in the capital Windhoek. This announcement was made by Mayor Pauline Nashilundo at the recent Council meeting.

“The registration and distribution of numbers will commence during the month of September,” she said at the meeting. Each vehicle will accordingly receive a disc to identify the taxi. By doing so Nashilundo believes that illegal operations will be reduced while illegal operators will be eliminated.
“This exercise will also enable Council to have a proper data base of the legal taxis,” she said. Registered taxi owners, which currently amount to about 300, are called on to visit the Municipal Office building at the Traffic Section and consult the Senior Traffic Officer: Trudie Xoagus to receive their number. Nashilundo didn’t say though if a deadline exists for all taxis to be registered.
During her Council announcement the Mayor once again mentioned the many fire incidents, which had become a regular occurrence in town.
“I again appeal to the residents to be extra cautious in order to prevent fires in Swakopmund,” she said. Nashilundo thanked the many companies, individuals and groups from communities who support the fire victims and donated items.
Furthermore Nashilundo showed concern about “safety and security which remains a concern in our society”.
She called on the community to work hand in hand with the Namibian Police and report any criminal activities. “We should embrace the Harambee Prosperity Plan to contribute positively to the development of our town and country at large,” she said; and added that anybody engaging in criminal activities should reframe from that as the police is working around the clock to create a safe environment.
The Mayor encouraged the community and school learners to refrain from alcohol and drug abuse by focusing on more productive activities.
“Scholars are encouraged to study hard as we need bright future leaders. Our Swakopmund Municipal Youth Officer is running programs to develop youth to engage in business and various activities to improve on their life standards, therefore youth should attend to this call when made,” she said.

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