Swakopmund Town Council sworn in – new mayor vows to work for “a better Swakopmund”

Sharlien Tjambari

A ruling coalition took charge of the Swakopmund Town Council on Monday, following the local authority election on 25 November during which several opposition parties cancelled the political significance of the Swapo Party of Namibia on the local political front.

Councillor Louisa Kativa (Independent Patriots for Change (IPC)) was elected as mayor and the deputy mayor is Councillor David Am-! Gabeb (United Democratic Front (UDF)).
In her maiden speech, mayor Kativa called for cooperation among council members for a united Swakopmund. “We are representing the whole town and we will work together for the betterment of our town”.
Wilfred Groenewald (Swakopmund Residents Association (SRA)) was elected Chairperson of the Management Committee, whilst Claus Goldbeck (IPC), Petrus Shimhanda (IPC), and Blasius Goraseb (Landless People Movement (LPM)) were elected as Members of the Management Committee. Councillor Matthias Henrichsen (SRA) was elected as the additional member of the Management Committee.
Erkkie Shitana (SWAPO) and Suamma Kautondokwa (SWAPO) are Councillors without a portfolio.
Photo Caption of Swakopmund’s newly elected leaders: (front row): Cllr. Louisa Kativa and Cllr. David Am-! Gabeb. (Back row): Cllrs Claus Goldbeck, Blasius Goraseb, Matthias Henrichsen, Petrus Shimhanda, Judge Nelao Brown (magistrate that presided over the swearing in ceremony), Wilfried Groenewald, Suamma Kautondokwa, Erkkie Shitana, Heinrich Hafeni and the Chief Executive Officer of Swakopmund Municipality Mr. Alfeus Benjamin.

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